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 ppepod installed

peepod installed

      - Cleans Urinal Drain Lines

      - Removes Old Stains and 
        Mineral Buildup 

      - Cleans and Deodorizes   
        Urinals For Two Months

Patented design puts the cleaning action at the top of the urinal where it can work most efficiently

  • Each flush activates cleaning agents and releases powerful deodorizers
  • Restores drain line flow by reducing uric salt buildup
  • Removes stains and mineral buildup 
  • Eliminates the food source for odor causing bacteria 
  • No tool, 7 second installation
  • Deodorizes restroom in 7 minutes
  • No VOCs 
  • No need for urinal blocks and other enzyme based cleaners  

         Watch a Video about the PeePod  



doorpod logo


Refreshes With the 
Swing of a Door 

doorpod on door

  • 7 Seconds to install 
  • No tape or screws needed 
  • 7 Minutes and the whole restroom is refreshed 
  • No batteries required
  • Each refill lasts up to 30 days 
  • Santa Barbara Seabreeze & Sweetest Pea scents 

    Watch a Video about the DoorPod



fanpod logo

fanpod auto

Active Deodorizing
For Restrooms and More

fanpod on wall   

  • Natural oil lotion gel doesn’t dry out
  • Provides consistent fragrance level over the 30 to 60 day refill life
  • Runs 24 hours or the automatically turns the fan off when the lights go out to extend battery and refill life
  • Two alkaline D cell batteries last up to 12 months
  • Cucumber Melon or Sweetest Pea scents for restrooms and other public areas
  • Black Forest Pine scent for hard-to-deodorize areas like nursing homes and sick rooms
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