Hydrogen Peroxide Based
Cleaning Product Advantages


Neutral pH

• Eliminates high pH and low pH products that result in facility damage

  • Floor finish
  • Grout
  • Gel coats

• Reduces human health damage due to high pH and low pH

  • Eye damage
  • Skin burns 

One Product, 95% of general cleaning needs

• Dramatically simpler training

• Superior cleaning results

• Less labor

• Less freight

• Easier purchasing

• Less inventory

• Space savings

• Less facility damage

Surface Penetration

• Oxygen penetrates into surfaces for a deeper clean

• Superior odor destruction

• Destruction of urine odor and bacteria

• Solvent penetrates surfaces to deliver oxygen for a deeper clean

Oxygen Boosts Solvent and Surfactant

• Less residue = slower resoiling and less labor

• Significantly reduced residue vs. all competition

• No streaking

• Superior health and safety without sacrificing cleaning power

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